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China’s threat to Taiwan increases the risk of war in 2027 or earlier

China-Taiwan Tension: The threat of China’s attack on Taiwan is increasing. Taiwan has become a serious issue in the past few years, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has repeatedly infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace and threatened maritime activities. China’s aggressive attitude to strengthen its claim on Taiwan is reflected in the possibility of an attack by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 2027 or earlier.

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Philip Davidson, warned the US Congress that a Chinese attack could happen in 2027 or earlier. He said, “I worry that China is accelerating its ambitions to replace the US leadership role in the United States and the rules-based international order by 2050. Taiwan is clearly one of China’s ambitions. It looks like this danger may appear during this decade or in the next six years.”

Chinese fighter plane near Taiwan

Admiral Philip Davidson said, “We are taking a risk and this situation may encourage China to unilaterally change the status quo. Before China takes any such step, our military should be able to give an effective response.” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has also expressed serious apprehensions about China. Recently he said, “On December 4, Chinese fighter jets were close to Taiwan. I don’t want to speculate, but it certainly looks a lot like rehearsal.”

China claims Taiwan as its share

Recently, surprising revelations have come to the fore in the China Military Power Report 2021 released by the Pentagon. It has been said that the PLA is engaged in major preparations regarding Taiwan. Let us tell you that China has been telling Taiwan as its part, while Taiwan describes itself as an independent country. China has threatened many times that it will consider Taiwan amalgamated with China at any cost. After this threat from China, America had lodged an objection and America talks about openly supporting Taiwan.

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