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China’s denial of alleged cyber burglary news in India’s electricity system, said- it’s just speculation

Beijing has rejected a report on cyber burglary at Mumbai’s power plant last year amid tension between India and China over LAC. The Chinese embassy issued a statement saying – “The allegations being made in this regard are completely rumor and speculation. Cyber ​​attacks are a very complex and sensitive matter. It is not possible to catch their light easily. Imagination and speculation have no place in it. In such a situation, it is very irresponsible to accuse one party while there is no evidence. China is against any such irresponsible and malicious action. “

China told about cyber attack rumor

In the statement China further said- “For some time, there has been speculation about the alleged vaccine theft of China through cyber hacking. China is a leader in vaccine research and development. We neither need to steal the vaccine technology from others nor have any faith in it. Both India and China have been partners in international vaccine cooperation and both were targeted for misleading news. It is not in the interest of the international fraternity. “

The Chinese Embassy further said – China is a strong advocate of cyber security and has also been a major victim of hacking attacks. China is against all kinds of cyber attacks and crimes and is in favor of fighting them. Through legal means, China has been taking action against cyber burglaries within the country and using Chinese cyber infrastructure.

Demand for removal of news related to cyber attack

On the charge of alleged cyber attack, the Chinese Embassy said – We are against the political use of cyber security issue and the use of accusations. This will make hacking issues more difficult to solve as it reduces mutual trust. We demand the removal of these baseless, misleading information from the concerned media institutions.

He further said – Cyber ​​attacks are a common challenge for all countries. China urges all countries to increase cooperation, dialogue and partnership in this regard. So that this challenge can be met with mutual respect, equality and benefits for all. China is willing to work with other parties to increase security against cyber security threats, to ensure peace and stability, and to build a future cyber society in partnership.

What was the report about cyber burglary?

In a recent study by a US company claimed that during the ongoing tension between India and China, a group of hackers belonging to the Chinese government targeted India’s PowerGrid system through “Malware”. There is a possibility that this was probably the main reason behind the stagnation of power supply in Mumbai on a large scale last year.

In the US, Massachusetts company ‘Recorded Future’ has mentioned in its recent report that China’s group ‘Red Echo’ is targeting the Indian energy sector. On October 12 last year, electricity went down due to a grid collapse in Mumbai. Due to this, trains also stopped on the way and due to the epidemic, the work of the people working from home was also affected and the economic activities had a huge impact. It took two hours for the power supply to be restored for essential services. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The New York Times said in a news that this revelation has raised the question that somewhere behind the power gulp in Mumbai, Beijing did not want to give the message that what could happen if India continued aggressive behavior along the border. The ‘Recorded Future’ report also alleged that India-sponsored group ‘Sidewinder’ allegedly targeted Chinese military and government installations in 2020.

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