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China’s conspiracy against India, keeping an eye on underwater drones

new Delhi: China has once again tried to plot against India. This time China has deployed underwater drones to spy in the Indian Ocean. According to a US defense analyst, China is deploying ‘large scale’ underwater drones in the Indian Ocean. China can use these underwater drones for intelligence surveillance against India.

Spying on underwater drones?
India has already announced that it can give a befitting reply to the three fronts of water, land and sky, to China, who are trying to plot encroachment in Ladakh. But despite this, China is not deterring from the conspiracy. This time China has conspired against India in the Indian Ocean. Defense Affairs Analyst HI Sutton has said in a report that China has deployed a fleet of underwater drones known as Sea Wing (HEY) gliders in the Indian Ocean. They can not only work for months but can also monitor under the navy’s intelligence purpose.

What does Sutton report?
According to analyst HI Sutton in its report, China is deploying these gliders on a large scale. These gliders are a variant of the underground water vehicle fleet ie uncrewed underwater vehicle. They were launched in mid-December 2019. In February, China withdrew underwater drones, but during this time, underwater drones have collected more than 3,400 information. The special thing is that there is no fuel system for propelling in these vehicles. They glide down into the sea with the help of large wings. They are not fast but prove effective in working on long missions. It is likely that China has used these drones for intelligence purposes.

These gliders from China are similar to those deployed by the US Navy, and China seized one of them in 2016 citing ensuring safe navigation for passageways. Sutton’s report says that these Chinese gliders in the Indian Ocean are allegedly collecting information related to oceanography. Oceanographic data is also used for naval intelligence purposes. This raises fears about China’s dangerous cause.

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