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China’s claim – One third of the vaccine dose given so far in the world was given in China

So far, more than one billion doses of corona vaccine have been given in China. Officials of the Health Department here have claimed that a third of the vaccine dose given worldwide has been given in China. According to the official figures that came out on Friday, more than 2 billion 500 million doses of corona vaccine have been given across the world so far. After which the National Health Commission of China has released its figures.

Nothing has been clarified about what percentage of the population has been given the vaccine dose in China so far. According to the information, initially people were hesitant to get the vaccine here due to lack of transparency and many vaccine scams. But now once again people are coming forward to get the vaccine. China’s health department officials have set a difficult target of giving both doses of the vaccine to 40 percent of its population by the end of this month.

However, health officials did not give any information about when China would reach the stage of herd immunity or what percentage of its vaccine would be provided to other countries.

These vaccines have got permission in China

Vaccines of four companies have been given conditional permission in China. These include America’s corona vaccine manufacturer Moderna and Pfizer. Apart from this, conditional use of Sinovac and Sinoform manufactured in China has been allowed. China had claimed in April this year that it would manufacture more than three billion vaccine doses by the end of this year.

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