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China’s city of Xi’an took another tough step, banning driving, if caught…

China Covid Cases: Another tough step has been taken in the direction of controlling the outbreak of Kovid-19 in China’s lockdown city Xi’an. Xi’an residents have been banned from driving in the city. Earlier, under the lockdown, 13 million population of the city were instructed to stay at home.

After 21 months, cases of Coronavirus Infected are being registered again in China. Corona cases in China are much lower than other countries, because China has strictly enforced border restrictions, prolonged quarantine and timely lockdown under its ‘Zero Kovid’ policy, on which it is still adamant, Because the Winter Olympics are to be held in the capital Beijing in February 2022, in which thousands of foreign visitors will participate.

13 million people are locked in homes

At the same time, 13 million people are locked in their homes in Xi’an city for the last five days. From today onwards, driving the vehicle has been banned further tightening the restrictions. It has been said that till the corona cases are not controlled, no one is allowed to drive on the roads. Police and health officials will strictly inspect the cars. Those breaking the rules could face up to 10 days in custody and a fine of 500 yuan ($78).

Earlier, dozens of officials were punished for the outbreak of Coronavirus in Xi’an. 26 officers were punished for taking insufficient strictness in containing the outbreak of the corona virus.


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