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China’s Chang-5 vehicle returning to Earth from moon completed first ‘orbital correction’, read full news

Beijing: China’s Chang-5 spacecraft, which left for Earth after taking samples of stones from the lunar surface, completed the first ‘orbital correction’ on Monday. China’s space agency announced this. ‘Orbital Correction’ is a basic process of beam (light beam) control in the ‘accelerator’ of a spacecraft. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) said that the process of ‘orbital correction’ took place at 11.13 am Beijing time when two 25N engines of the ‘orbiter-returner’ were run for about 28 seconds.

The CNSA stated that all processes are being conducted well on the ‘orbiter-returner’ set holding samples of the moon. The Chang-5 vehicle was launched on November 24, with an “orbiter, a lander, an ascendant and a returner”. Its ‘lander-ascendant’ set touched the lunar surface on December 1.

After the samples were collected and sealed, Chang’s ‘Asander’ took off from the lunar surface on December 3. The ‘returner’ of the vehicle may land in the Sijiwang banner of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in mid-December.

If this mission is successful, China will become the third country to return samples from the moon and it will happen after 45 years. Earlier, the US and the former Soviet Union had completed this mission.

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