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China: Xi Jinping turns 69, likely to remain in office for third term

XI Jinping Birthday: On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping (XI Jinping) celebrated its 69th birthday. Even after completing 69 years of Chinese President Xi Jinping, there is no sign of his retirement yet. On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping turned 69 and with this he is preparing to remain in office for his third term. It is believed that Jinping will remain in office for a third term, bypassing the rule of former presidents to retire at the age of 68.

On the occasion of his birthday, Jinping spoke to his friend and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone. According to tradition, leaders in China do not usually celebrate birthdays in public, but this year is very important for Jinping, as this year he is going to complete 10 years of his leadership. However, after this age all his predecessors retired.

Retirement after two terms of 5 years
The official retirement age of leaders in China is 68 years, or two terms of five years, whichever is earlier. At the same time, Prime Minister Li Qiang, the second supreme leader after Jinping, is going to turn 67 on July 1 and has already announced his retirement on completion of his second term this year.

Denied condemnation of action on Ukraine
On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone. During this conversation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, all the parties of the world should work together in a responsible manner towards resolving the Ukraine crisis. The information about the conversation between the President of China and Putin was obtained from the information of the Chinese State Brocaster CCTV. In this conversation, China has refused to condemn Russia’s attack in Ukraine.

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