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China: WHO team arrives at Wuhan hospital to treat first patient of corona virus

The World Health Organization team visited the hospital in Wuhan on Friday, where according to China, the first patient of Kovid-19 was treated a year ago. The team has come here on a campaign to find out the facts about the origin of the corona virus.

Prior to the hospital visit, members of the World Health Organization (WHO) team met with Chinese officials in person. This team will visit many places in Wuhan in the coming days. Holland’s virologist Marian Coupmann tweeted, “Met with my colleagues.”

The first case came in China on 27 December 2019

The team was in Quarantine for 14 days since their arrival in China, their quarantine period ended on Thursday. According to China, the first patient of Corona virus was treated at ‘Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine’. The first case of Kovid-19 was revealed here on 27 December 2019. The WHO had earlier said that the team has asked for detailed data related to the pandemic and will also meet the initial patients of Kovid-19 and those who treat them. Hunan will also visit places such as Seafood Market, Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan Center for Disease Control’s Labs.

This investigation is necessary for scientists

This investigation is necessary for scientists so that new epidemics can be prevented. But China is afraid of its infamy and it is feared that obstacles will be created in the investigation of scientists, they will not be allowed to access the full information. It has been revealed earlier that no information related to Corona is being allowed to come out without the will of the government.

The previous Trump government has also accused China

Officials of the previous Trump government have been alleging that the corona virus leaked from this lab and then spread in the world and China keeps hiding information for this reason. However, these allegations have not been proved so far. Experts believe that this is a new corona virus which is different from previous viruses. But the question is what scientists want to gain from this investigation.

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