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China troubled by continuous attacks on its citizens in Pakistan, this demand from Islamabad

Attack On Chinese: Pakistan and China have agreed to keep tariff and tax policies related to power sector contracts unchanged and to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of the Dasu bus accident on July 14 as soon as possible.

This information was obtained from the report of Dawn News. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday after the JCC meeting, Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said both sides have agreed on the need and importance of increased security not only for CPEC projects but also for China. The Dawn news report said that both the sides agreed to “arrest the culprits of the heinous crime and bring them to justice at the earliest by the courts”.

Omar said that the Chinese side raised the issue of security and the Pakistani side agreed that economic cooperation is expanding, investment is increasing and Chinese workers are working in many areas outside the CPEC, and therefore security. need to increase. He said that work on Dasu hydroelectric project has not started yet but it is not a part of CPEC.

Pakistan is seeking changes in the tariff structure for independent power producers to reduce the financial burden in line with tariff waivers received from other IPPs to relieve circular debt pressure.

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