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China stunned by Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s statement, blamed India for stress

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister S.K. on the tension between India and China, which has been going on for the last eight months on the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh. China has been stung by Jaishankar’s statement. After this, he is blaming India on the reverse of the tension between the two countries. Beijing said on Thursday that India and China are going through challenges of bilateral relations. Along with this, he has lured New Delhi to the ongoing controversy over the LAC.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that normal efforts were needed to restore good relations between India and China. This reaction from Beijing was taken by Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar’s statement came during a discussion with an international think tank. Jaishankar said that the bilateral relationship is in the most difficult situation in the last three-four decades due to the deadlock over the border for the past several months.

Referring to the current tensions and the role of Beijing in violating bilateral relations meant to maintain peace on the border, Jaishankar said – “Now for some reasons China is giving five different arguments for violation of rules in eastern Ladakh.”

LAC has been in dispute with China since May 5, due to which, despite the efforts of New Delhi and Beijing, there has been an economic and cultural distance between the two countries. When the Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked on Jaishankar’s statement, he blamed New Delhi for the problem as before.

Hua Chunying said, “The situation in the border area is very clear and the responsibility is entirely with the Indian side. China is strictly following the agreements between the two countries and is committed to negotiating a solution to restore peace and stability on the border.

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