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China said – US is using democracy as a ‘weapon of genocide’ to incite conflict

China On America: China has erupted over the Democracy Conference organized by America. China has accused the US of using democracy as a weapon of genocide to incite division and conflict. On Saturday, China criticized the summit for democracy organized by the Biden administration. China called this conference a new front being created by the US to prevent and isolate its rise.

More than 100 leaders including PM Modi attended

More than 100 leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the two-day summit. The conference concluded on Friday with a call to ensure fair elections, protect human rights and evaluate progress in fighting corruption. The US removed China and Russia from the list of invitees but Beijing is furious over the invitation to the self-governing island Taiwan, which China called a gross violation of the ‘One China’ policy, China considers Taipei an integral part of the Chinese mainland Is.

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s attack on the conference

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has been continuously attacking the summit for the past few weeks. China issued a long statement accusing America of division in the name of democracy. In which it said, “Inciting division and conflict in the name of democracy is a return to history, and will bring nothing but turmoil and disaster to the world.”

China has said that for a long time the US has been imposing its political system and values ​​on others, pushing for so-called “democratic reforms”, abusing unilateral sanctions and instigating “color revolutions”, whose disastrous There have been results.

“Democracy has become a weapon of genocide used by the United States to interfere in the affairs of other countries,” the statement said. He also said that the summit has drawn the ideological line for American democracy and has turned democracy into a tool and a weapon.


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