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China Plane Crash: Explosive material not found near plane crash, second black box discovered

China Plane Crash: None of the explosive components were found at the crash site of China’s Eastern Airlines passenger plane. This information was given by an official in a press conference. Zheng Xi, head of the Guangxi Xuang Autonomous Region’s fire department, said on Saturday that a physics and chemistry laboratory of public security officials tested 41 of 66 samples from the crash site and found no large ion components of common inorganic explosives. According to the Xinhua news agency report, he said that no regular biological explosive component was found in the test.

At the same time, the second black box of China’s Eastern Airlines plane has been recovered on Sunday, according to disaster management officials. The first black box of a Boeing 737 aircraft, believed to be a cockpit voice recorder, was recovered on March 23, Xinhua news agency reported. The work of downloading and analyzing the data of the first black box is still going on.

All 132 people aboard the plane had died

The National Emergency Response Headquarters for flight MU 5735 that crashed late Saturday announced that all 132 people (123 passengers and nine crew members) had died. The announcement comes after six days of exhaustive search and rescue efforts and is also the first confirmation on the casualties. So far, the identity of 120 victims has been confirmed through DNA testing.

China Eastern Flight MU5735 had not arrived at its scheduled destination in Guanzhou after taking off from Kunming city after 1:00 pm on Monday. According to reports, a huge fire broke out at the place where the passenger plane crashed. According to the report, Flight MU5735 Boeing 737 aircraft crashed in the countryside near the city of Wuzhou in Guangxi region, causing a fire atop the hill.

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