China parodies James Bond, MI6 boss rebels

The ironic response from Richard Moore, the director of the British secret service, comes in a context of tensions between the United Kingdom and China caused in particular by the treatment of the Uyghurs and the resumption of political control of Hong Kong.

Pond, James Pond“: China parody 007 and MI6 does not find it very funny. The boss of the British secret service thanked, with irony, the China New press agency for its “free advertising», After the publication of a video parody of James Bond making fun of the alliance London-Washington.

The response from Richard Moore, head of British foreign intelligence (MI6) comes amid tensions between the United Kingdom and China over the Uyghurs and the political takeover of Hong Kong.

In a rare public address, Richard Moore said at the end of November that “Adapting to a world affected by China’s rise to power is the top priority” of its services.
The MI6 chief accused Beijing of “Collect data from all over the world” and “To use one’s influence” for “To take people in his nets”.

“Dying of laughter can wait” …

In response, the official China New news agency posted on Twitter (a blocked social network in China) a parody video on Tuesday entitled “To die of laughter can wait“, In reference to the title of Agent 007’s latest film. The 4-minute 35 clip in English shows two Chinese actors playing MI6 agents: a man in a tuxedo called”James pond“(“Pond“Means”Pond»In English) and a cross-legged colleague. In this laugh-filled video recorded and filmed in a castle, the duo mock Western criticism of the supposed Chinese threat.

In the New China video, the two bogus British agents discuss a file listing Chinese espionage techniques … before realizing that they are in fact those of their American ally. James Pond then denounces the critics “Pathetic” of MI6 against Beijing, a tactic used according to him “To get a big budget next year”. During a call with the CIA, the agent “0.07” then learns that his phone has been tapped … by his American ally. “Being the enemy of America is dangerous. But being America’s friend is fatal ”, concludes James … Pond.
“Thanks for your interest (and the unexpected free publicity!)”, reacted maliciously Richard Moore. The MI6 boss also posted a link to his November speech, where he blamed Chinese agents “To exploit open nature” from British society “To facilitate their operations”.

These pleasantries by interposed film are part of a tense diplomatic context. The British government had decided in 2020 to exclude the Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei from the 5G network, after American warnings about a potential espionage fomented by Beijing. Decidedly, peace between the three giants can wait a little longer …


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