China is expected to reach 739 million 5G subscribers by 2025

A recent study by market research firm ABI Research showed that China will reach 739 million 5G subscribers, accounting for nearly 40% of the global market share in the 5G segment by 2025.

In terms of annual mobile data consumption, annual data traffic on 5G networks in China is also forecast to reach 782 exabytes by 2025, accounting for nearly 60% of the world’s total 5G data consumption.

Jiancao Hou, senior analyst for mobile network infrastructure and 5G network “Unlike early 5G rollout countries like South Korea, the United States, Finland, Japan, and many other countries around the world, the mobile operators in China are owned,” said at ABI Research. That allows them to receive enormous support from the government to develop 5G networks, especially in the consumer market.

China is expected to reach 739 million 5G subscribers by 2025

From a frequency spectrum perspective, mobile operators received a 5G spectrum license for testing in 2018, giving them a great opportunity to plan the best and ready network deployment strategies. for the commercial launch of 5G next year. Furthermore, “the current trade war and the ban by Chinese domestic suppliers are not slowing down the rollout of 5G in China, at least for the next two to three years.”

The report also showed that Chinese mobile operators had deployed a total of 690,000 5G base stations as of October 2020.

China Unicom and China Telecom are working together to deploy 5G radio access network (5G RAN) infrastructure based on independent architecture (SA) and share frequency spectrum resources. . Meanwhile, mobile operator China Mobile continues to promote a dual-mode network solution (combining both non-independent 5G networks (NSA) and independent 5G networks to better support simultaneous international roaming. Discussing the strategy of cooperation with China Broadcasting Network.

“There is no clear strategic guidance to promote licensed spectrum access or unlicensed spectrum sharing in the Chinese telecommunications market at the current stage,” said analyst Jiancao Hou. . The nationwide deployment of fiber-optic cable as well as the deployment of Fixed Radio Access (FWA) and millimeter-wave band (mmWave) has not received much attention from carriers, except for the reduction of load flow at ‘hot’ points.

The analyst also emphasized that the ban on the use of equipment by Chinese suppliers from other countries around the world could stimulate the revival of domestic supply chains in the Chinese market.

According to monthly statistics published on the carriers’ websites, Chinese mobile carriers added a total of 16.94 million 5G subscribers in February. In particular, China Mobile, the world’s largest operator in terms of subscribers, added 4.19 million 5G subscribers, bringing its total 5G subscribers to 173.16 million, compared to 15.4 million. 5G coverage in February 2020.

Meanwhile, rival operator China Telecom added a total of 6.2 million 5G subscribers in February, bringing the total number of 5G subscribers to 103.37 million. In addition, China Unicom ended February with 84.5 million 5G subscribers, up from 77.95 million 5G subscribers last month.

Phan Van Hoa(from Rcrwireless)

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