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China is a big threat to the world, may attack Taiwan – US top commander warns

A top US commander said on Tuesday that China could attack Taiwan in six years as Beijing wants to replace US military power in Asia. Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of the American Indo-Pacific Command, said before the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives that democratic and self-governing Taiwan is constantly living under the attack of China, where leaders consider Taiwan a part of their country and one day Talk of bringing him back.

China is a big threat to the world

The Pentagon’s top commander told US lawmakers that China poses the biggest and long-term strategic threat in the 21st century. Davidson’s statement comes at a time when US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and China’s top foreign policy officials are scheduled to meet next month. This will be the first face-to-face meeting between the top officials of the Biden administration and their Chinese counterparts in the US. Davidson said, “In contrast to our free and open approach, the Communist Party of China encourages a closed and authoritarian system through internal and external pressure.”

Harmful view of china

He said, “China has a very harmful attitude towards the region, under which the whole party wants to pressure the governments, businesses, organizations and people of the Indo-Pacific, corrupt them and try to support them in their support. He said that as China is constantly increasing the size of the PLA and increasing its combined capabilities, the military balance in the Indo-Pacific has become more hostile to the US and its allies.

No effective mechanism to stop China

Davidson said that with no effective mechanism to stop China, it would continue to take steps to uproot established and rule-based international systems and values ​​representing the vision of a free and independent Indian Pacific. He said, “We should do everything possible to stop the conflict.” Our first task is to maintain peace, but if the rivalry turns into a struggle, then we should be fully prepared to fight and win. ”

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