China: Hackers infiltrated the police system, stealing data of 1 billion people?

Hackers claim to have breached the Shanghai Police Department database and stolen the population data of 1 billion people in China, in what is believed to be the largest cybersecurity breach in the nation’s history.

Accordingly, a person or group of hackers is selling more than 23 terabytes of data stolen from the system, including names, addresses, places of birth, national identifiers, phone numbers, criminal records on an online forum. online crime swarm last week. The unknown hacker, offered 10 Bitcoins, worth about $200,000, for the above data.

The scale of the data leak caused shock waves in the Chinese security community, as well as related rumors about the veracity of the claims and how the incident happened.

Zhao Changpeng, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, July 4, in a Twitter post announcing that the company had discovered 1 billion resident records “from an Asian country” without naming them. , is being leaked on the “dark web”.

The Shanghai city government has not made public information about the hack. Representatives of the city’s police and the Cyberspace Administration of China, the country’s Internet watchdog, also declined to comment.

In 2016, the personal information of dozens of Chinese government officials and famous figures from Jack Ma to Wang Jianlin (Wang Jianlin) was also spread on Twitter, in an assessed leak. was the largest at that time.

In 2020, Weibo, a social networking platform similar to Twitter, also announced that hackers had stolen the account information of more than 538 million users, but sensitive data such as passwords were not affected.

This incident shows that Beijing is facing many challenges, as the country is tightening its policy of censoring sensitive online content. Under Chinese law, the distribution of personal information is punishable by imprisonment.

The method used by the hackers to break into the Shanghai police server is still unknown. However, one popular theory online among security experts is that the leak involved a third-party cloud infrastructure partner. Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei are the largest cloud service providers in this country.

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