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China furious at America, called Pentagon’s report on nuclear weapons biased

Pentagon Report: China has targeted a report by the US Defense Ministry on the Pentagon’s nuclear weapons. China has called this US report ‘biased’. According to the news agency AFP, China has said that Washington is exaggerating talks of the nuclear threat.

This statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry comes after the Pentagon report, which said that China is increasing its nuclear weapons stockpile faster than was anticipated. The Pentagon report said that China will be followed by 700 nuclear weapons by the year 2027 and will take it beyond 1000 by 2030. China has called this Pentagon report biased. In fact, China is America’s biggest rival in the current scenario. China is rapidly increasing its army and capabilities. China’s intention is to challenge America’s supremacy in the air, sea and space.

what is in the report

The report said that within 6 years the number of Chinese nuclear weapons could increase to 700 and by 2030 this number could be above 1,000. However, it has not been told in the report how many weapons China currently has. But a year ago, the Pentagon said its number of nuclear weapons was less than 200 and could double by the end of this decade.

The US currently has 3,750 nuclear weapons and has no plans to increase this number. By 2003, the total number of US nuclear weapons was about 10,000. The Biden government is conducting a comprehensive review of its nuclear policy. This Pentagon report is based on information gathered up to December 2020 and therefore does not include General Mark Milley’s concerns that he raised last month about Chinese hypersonic weapons tests.

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