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China fueled by talk of strengthening India in US documents, said – Dadagiri wants to maintain the region

China said on Wednesday that the support of the Indo-Pacific strategy by the outgoing Donald Trump administration of the United States is aimed at ‘stopping’ China, hurting regional peace and stability and maintaining American dignity in the region. This sharp reaction from China came at a time when a document made public by the US government stated that India would “balance the power” against China in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region with the cooperation of like-minded countries. Will make the work.

US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien recently made the 10-page document public and has now been posted on the White House website. The US Strategic Framework Document for the Indo-Pacific region states, “India is the preferred partner of the United States on security matters.”

Both cooperate in South and South East Asia and other areas of mutual concern to maintain maritime security and prevent Chinese influence. India has the ability to respond to China’s provocative action on the border.

When asked about the release of the documents, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “Some American leaders want to leave behind a legacy of making confidential documents public”. He said, “… but its content This shows America’s evil intentions to suppress China, prevent it and damage regional peace and stability. In short, it is a strategy to maintain Dadagiri.

Lijian said that America’s strategy has revealed the mindset of Cold War and the thinking of military confrontation, which is against the spirit of regional cooperation. It is harmful for peace and progress in the region.

He said, “America has expressed its intention to camp. The real face of those who create disturbances by damaging peace, stability in the region has been revealed. ”A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China is committed to peaceful development. He said that China hopes that America will give up such mentality.

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