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China Extends Maternity Leave: China extends maternity leave amid declining infant birth rate

Demographic Crisis In China: China has extended maternity leave by at least 30 days amid declining infant mortality rate in its country. Let us tell you that in China this year the birth rate of babies has been recorded the lowest. Due to which China is facing a demographic crisis in the country. In such a situation, China has allowed Chinese citizens to have a third child, while relaxing the rules of planning. Chinese officials are currently grappling with an aging workforce and a slowing economy.

In this sequence, the local administration of Beijing on Friday increased the maternity leave of women by 30 days, allowing them to take a total of 158 days of maternity leave. The local administration of Shanghai also announced similar changes a day earlier. Was. At the same time, according to China’s ‘Xinhua News’ agency, mothers of a second or third child in eastern Zhejiang province can now take a total of 188 days of maternity leave.

According to China’s national regulations on maternity leave, mothers are entitled to 98 days of paid maternity leave. Discussing the issue online, some expressed concern that it could make companies think twice about hiring women. China implemented the world’s strictest family planning rules in its country in 2016. Were.

China has now allowed Chinese citizens to legally give birth to two or three children, relaxing one of the many rules, the ‘one child policy’. Last year, China made 8.52% per 1000 people. The birth rate was reported. Which is the lowest figure on infant birth rate since annual figures starting from 1978 till now.

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