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China denies attempts to suppress UN report on Xinjiang rights abuses

Human Rights Violations: Beijing has reacted strongly to media reports that claimed that a United Nations (UN) report detailing human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang province Trying to suppress (Report).

According to news agency ANI, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “Beijing strongly opposes attacks against China using misinformation. China’s just position has received strong support from the international community, especially developing countries.”

,Some countries will not try,
“The attempts of some countries to tarnish China’s reputation and use Xinjiang for political gimmicks to control the country will not succeed,” a foreign ministry spokesman said.

UK media claims
This strong reaction comes after UK-based media reported that China has sent a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet for human rights violations in Xinjiang. But a report is requested to be suppressed.

China has been facing serious allegations regarding Xinjiang
Dozens of rights groups say the Chinese government has enacted comprehensive systematic policies of mass detention, torture, cultural persecution and other crimes against Uighurs and members of other Turkic groups in Xinjiang that are committed to humanity. There are crimes against humanity). However, China has been denying these allegations.

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