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China: Corona virus found in ice cream in Tianjin city, food company sealed and investigation started

After the corona virus was found in ice cream in a city in eastern China, all the coaches of that batch have been recalled. The government of Tianjin city, located near Beijing, issued a statement that the DaqiaoDao Food Company located in the city has been sealed and its personnel are being investigated for Corona virus infection. However, there is no indication yet that a person has been infected due to the virus found in the ice cream.

The government said that most of the 29,000 coaches of the batch have not been sold yet. 390 coaches sold in Tianjin are being explored. The government said that milk powder made in New Zealand and buttermilk powder of Ukraine were used in this ice cream. The Chinese government has said that the disease had reached her country from another country. They say that corona virus has been found in imported fish and other food items, but foreign scientists are skeptical. Let us tell you that the first case of Corona virus infection was revealed in Wuhan in late 2019.

Cases of increasing infection in the northern part of the country

China has said that more than 1000 people infected with the corona virus are being treated in hospitals. In the northern part of the country, cases of infection are constantly increasing. The National Health Commission said on Friday that 1001 infected patients have been admitted to hospitals. 26 of these patients are in critical condition.

WHO team exists to detect virus origin in China

In the northern part of the country, cases of infection have increased at a time when experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are about to start an investigation about the starting point of the epidemic. The Corona virus infection first came to light in the city of Wuhan in December 2019, and after that it engulfed the whole world. The World Health Organization team reached Wuhan on Thursday to find out the origin of the corona virus.

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