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China clarified on making the injured soldier a torch bearer in the Galvan Valley conflict, India had protested

Beijing: Its move to field a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier involved in a border clash in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley in June 2020 as a torchbearer for the Winter Olympics has been widely criticized. Amidst China on Monday said that its selection is based on the ‘criteria’. fulfills. At the same time, China has asked allied parties for ‘‘political interpretation’’ Asked to refrain from doing.

US lawmakers also criticized
Top US lawmakers also criticized China’s move as ‘shameful’ and ‘intentional provocation’ has told. Republican Senator Jim Rich, a member of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, has also said that Washington will continue to support India’s sovereignty.

China clarified
At a press briefing here on Monday, asked whether fielding Fabao in the torch relay goes against China’s view that the Olympics should bridge the gap, foreign countries said. Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, ‘I want to emphasize that the torch bearers of the Beijing Winter Olympics are widely representative, they meet all relevant criteria. ’’ He said, ‘‘We hope the parties concerned will see this objectively and rationally.’’

On Thursday, Bagchi had said that China had given an event like the Olympics a ‘political colour’. and the Indian Embassy in-charge in Beijing will not attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Games.

20 soldiers of India were martyred
It is worth mentioning that 20 soldiers of India had laid down their lives in the Galwan skirmish. It is considered the most serious military skirmish between India and China in the last few decades. In February last year, China officially acknowledged that five of its military personnel were also killed in the Galwan clash.

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