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China claimed to drive out American warship, America gave this answer

China on US Destroyer: Tensions between China and America are expected to increase. The Chinese Army has claimed that it has driven out an American destroyer ship from the South China Sea. According to media reports, the US Navy on Wednesday sent a destroyer ship near the islands occupied by Dragon in the disputed South China Sea. The US says that it had dispatched the missile-guided destroyer USS Benfold through a strategic sea route under territorial independence.

The American Missile Guided Ship crossed the Paracel Islands group and passed through the South China Sea. Such an operation is considered very important for the US Navy to maintain its presence in the Indo-Pacific.

What did the US say on China’s claim?

China has claimed that its military has driven down a US ship after illegally entering territorial waters. The US regularly conducts freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, challenging restrictions on the route by China and other claimants. Terming China as a liar, the US Navy has said that China has misrepresented US maritime operations.

China accuses America of increasing tension

The US Navy said that the USS Benfold was sent to the South China Sea near the Paracel Islands in accordance with international law. At the same time, China has alleged that America is deliberately trying to increase tension. The Southern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army said the US ship “seriously violated China’s sovereignty and security”. Illegally entered China’s territorial waters around Paracel Island.

How many claimants on the South China Sea?

China has been claiming almost the entire South China Sea. In this area, China has increased its presence on a large scale through warships and ships. However, the tension between America (US-China Tension) and China may deepen over this water area. The Chinese military has clearly said that America should avoid provoking tension. Vietnam and Taiwan also claim this maritime area. Let us tell you that in 1974, China took control of the Paracel Islands from the then South Vietnamese government.

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