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China blames Canadian mail for Omicron case in Beijing

Omicron In China: Recently, the first case of Omicron variant of Corona was reported in Beijing, the capital of China. China has blamed Canada for this. China says that the first case of Omicron in Beijing came from a parcel sent from Canada.

The report states that the first Omicron case has been traced to them due to an international document sent from Canada and it has been seen to be similar to the strain found in North America and Singapore. Officials have said that Omicron variant infection has been detected from the outer part of the parcel to its inner surface and mail papers.

Let us inform that on January 15, the first patient infected with Omicron was found in Beijing, the capital of China, which received an international mail on January 11. It was deported from Canada on 7 January and was shifted from the US and Hong Kong to Beijing.

First case of Omicron in Beijing

At the same time, China has tightened anti-virus measures in the national capital after its first case of Omicron was reported in Beijing just weeks before hosting the Winter Olympic Games. Government media said that after the case of infection of Omicron variant came on Saturday, more than 13 thousand people have been screened wherever the infected went. Wherein the apartment where the infected lives and where his office is located, those buildings have been sealed.

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