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China bans BBC News broadcast, US strongly condemns decision

China has banned BBC World News from broadcasting in the country for violating the rules. US State Department spokesman Ned Price has strongly condemned this decision of China. He says that we completely condemn the PRC’s decision to ban BBC World News.

During a press meet, Ned Price stated that ‘the PRC maintains one of the most controlled, most repressive, least open information spaces in the world. It is quite disturbing that the PRC is restricting independently operated outlets and platforms in China.

Currently, BBC News is banned in China, Chinese media says that ‘the broadcast of BBC World News in the country is being banned due to misreporting on various issues including Xinjiang in China and China’s handling of Corona virus. ‘

At the same time, Beijing’s national radio and television broadcasting said that the interests of the country were being ignored due to the broadcast of BBC News, which has been banned.

At the same time it is being told that China has done this with a sense of revenge. In fact, Britain had recently canceled the license of Chinese government channel CTGN and China had threatened to respond to it a week ago. At the same time, China has banned the BBC in the country by denying reporting on the Corona issue.

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