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China approves use of two more Kovid-19 vaccines

Taipei: The corona virus crisis in the world is not yet over. The process of providing the Corona vaccine has also started in many countries of the world. Meanwhile, China has approved two more vaccines of Kovid-19 for use. With this, the number of vaccines in China has increased.

The National Medical Products Administration has given conditional approval to each of the vaccines of Cinofarm, a government bioscience and government company. Both vaccines are already being applied to select groups of people under emergency use clearance. China now has four vaccines to vaccinate its people.

On the other hand, Cancino said that his vaccine with one dose is 65.28 percent effective after 28 days of the dose. This vaccine can be stored at temperatures ranging from two to eight degrees. This is the first Kovid-19 vaccine from a Chinese company, which will require only one dose.

On the other hand, Sinofarm, a subsidiary of Wuhan Institute of Biologics, said that its corona vaccine is 72.51 percent effective.

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