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My child has a seafood allergy, has anaphylaxis, can I get the Covid-19 vaccine? (Thuy Linh, 42 years old, Da Nang)


In the context of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and complicated developments, the issue of vaccine coverage is essential. However, many parents whose children have a history of allergies to food, pets, dust, pollen, etc., are worried about serious side effects when receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Parents need to know, any vaccine has the potential to cause allergies, anaphylaxis, although the rate is rare. However, for people who have a history of allergies to food, insects, pets, pollen, drugs, dust, etc., the rate of possible anaphylaxis reactions to vaccines may be higher than those of people. is different.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone be vaccinated even if they have a history of serious allergic reactions not related to vaccines or injections, such as allergies to foods, pets, venomous snakes, environmental or rubber. People with a history of drug allergies or a family history of severe allergic reactions may also be vaccinated

In this case, the child may need the advice and careful examination of an allergist (if available) or the parent (guardian) needs to provide information about the history of allergies, anaphylaxis to the staff. medical staff in the pre-injection screening area. The doctor will examine the child’s health and decide whether the child should be vaccinated at a medical facility with adequate emergency measures for anaphylaxis.

Medical staff administering Covid-19 vaccine to students in Da Nang. Photo: Van Dong

Master, Doctor Kieu Xuan Thy
Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital 3


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