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Children of the orphanage, happy to see footballer Messi’s face, pulled selfie, playing football

It is said that children are the form of God, to give happiness to children is like keeping God happy. Something similar has happened in the city of Zagazig in Egypt, where a man smiled on the faces of many children of the orphanage. In fact, this 27-year-old man is named Islam Batta, upon seeing which the children will rejoice with joy.

This happened because this person’s face resembles the famous footballer Lionel Messi. It looks exactly like Messi. Therefore, anyone can be deceived by seeing this. By the way, this person is a painter who often goes to such places to make people happy and people get happy considering him as Messi. At the same time, Islam posed like a messi among the children. At that time, she was wearing a Barcelona t-shirt.

Lionel Islam is like a messy messi:

Islam said that when he started growing his beard, his friends said that he looked like Messi. Pleased with this, he grew a little beard, after which he started to look like Messi. Islam said that if the children are happy because of their appearance like Messi, then nothing will be better than this. He said when ‘you make someone happy, God rewards you’. That is why I have given this happiness to the children.

Islam Played football with children:

One of the children playing football in the orphanage with Islam is Ammar Asheri, who was happy playing with Messi’s lookalike and told that he felt Messi was playing with no one else.

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