Childbirth after 10 years of infertility

HanoiAfter 10 years of marriage without children, being the first-in-law, Ms. Thuy is scared of going back to her hometown for Tet because everyone asks.

This year is different. On September 18, Ms. Thuy went into labor. The baby boy was born weighing 3 kg, named Tran Quang Sang.

“This year’s Tet will be the most complete and different Tet when there is more children’s voices,” the couple shared.

Mr. Tran Viet Doan is a soldier, Ms. Tran Thanh Thuy is a teacher, the same 35 years old, married in June 2011. Due to the nature of their work, the couple agreed to give birth right after the marriage because Mr. Doan may sometimes return home for a whole year. Waiting for no good news, Ms. Thuy is more sensitive to all inquiries. Afraid of being reminded “don’t be busy doing business, give birth to children”, she also restrained back home.

The biggest difficulty during that time was that the couple had to live apart. Doan is still the oldest son so the pressure is growing.

If there is a disease, the quadrangle. The couple went to the clinic, tried traditional medicine, oriental medicine, and did three times of IUI (artificial insemination) but failed. Treatment gradually comes to a standstill when the doctor cannot find the cause of the infertility.

In September 2019, the couple went to the Fertility Support Center, Post Office Hospital. Doctor Nguyen Thi Nha, Director of the Center, directly examined and indicated IVF (in vitro fertilization). The doctor also encouraged the couple to need “spiritual” healing first. Luckily, Ms. Thuy was successful, conceived right in the first embryo transfer, but requires further monitoring.

Doctor Nha, Director of the Fertility Support Center, congratulates her family after the baby is born healthy. Image: Hospital provided

Infertility and infertility have many causes such as weak, poor sperm, high rate of malformations or ovarian disorders, obstructive uterine disease, ovulatory disorder (ovulation), thin uterine lining or inflammation. Route … Among infertile couples, 40% are due to wife, 30% by husband, 20% due to both and 10% with unknown cause.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts infertility as the third most dangerous disease, after cancer and cardiovascular disease in the 21st century. WHO also points out that Vietnam is one of the countries in Europe. Asia Pacific has a low fertility rate and high infertility, 7.7% of couples of reproductive age are facing infertility. It is estimated that there are over one million infertile couples in the whole country that need medical examination and treatment.

Techniques to treat infertility infertility in Vietnam are increasingly developed. There are many treatments available such as artificial insemination (IUI) that pumps sperm into the uterus, and in vitro fertilization (IVF). In cases of obstructive infertility will be applied PESA method, which draws sperm from the epididymis through the skin. Non-obstructive infertility is suitable for TESE or Micro TESE.

The community today is also more open to infertility and infertility. Many families no longer have guilt and actively seek treatment from a doctor.

Doctors advise husband and wife to pre-marital examination to check fertility and treat according to the doctor’s prescribed regimen, to ensure safety before pregnancy.

Holding their son in their arms, Doan and Ms. Thuy and his wife were relieved of all their difficulties, smiling contentedly.  Photo: Hospital provided

Holding their son in their arms, Mr. Doan and Mrs. Thuy were satisfied, relieved of all their difficulties. Image: Hospital provided

“Ten years, I just waited to say a sentence ‘I’m pregnant'”, Thuy recalled the moment she tried the double-bar test. From that day on, the couple’s life turned to a new page. Tet 2020 is also the first year when she does not pressure her children when she comes back to her hometown with relatives.

The period of her pregnancy fell against the national anti-Covid-19 epidemic. Mr. Doan has to perform the duties at the unit, so he can only meet his wife once in 9 months of pregnancy. Every day, he took advantage of calling home to encourage his wife, telling his paternal family to support and help. Fortunately, Ms. Thuy is pregnant and healthy, so he is assured of his work.

On September 18, Ms. Thuy went into labor. Waiting outside the operating room, Doan could not hide his worries and suspense.

“Until the time the nurse called my name, let my dad see the baby, I still thought I was dreaming,” Doan said.

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