Chased the dog thief who was shot through the neck

An GiangA 19-year-old male, chasing a dog thief, was shot a homemade 50 cm long arrow through his neck.

The victim was a freshman from Can Tho University, and went home to Cho Moi district for Tet. Early in the morning of February 8, he discovered two dog thieves that he was raising, and he and his father ran a car to chase and catch thieves. Suddenly he was shot by a thief using a homemade crossbow.

The victim was given first aid at Cho Moi Hospital and then transferred to An Giang Central General Hospital. At this time, the arrow is still on the patient’s neck. The hospital activated red alarm, emergency surgery.

The on-call team includes many doctors of Thoracic, Ear, Nose Throat, Anesthesia and resuscitation surgery for three hours, successfully drawn arrows. The arrow was taken out to 50 cm long, with a metal nose divided into two jaws 8 cm long with a small pitchfork two mm.

Doctors said the arrow pierced the muscle area up to the vertebrae C7-D1. The patient was lucky when the arrow only dissected the muscles of the neck – chest without causing perforation or damage to the blood vessels – nerves – trachea – esophagus, saving the patient’s life as well as basic life functions. . As long as one of these four surgical sites is compromised, the patient can die immediately, or at the very least, severe debilitating sequelae.

Currently, the patient is awake, communicating well with medical staff. He no longer has pain in the wound area, can eat, drink and move slightly around the neck.

X-ray picture of the patient’s neck area before taking foreign bodies. Image: Phuong Trang.

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