Charlotte Gainsbourg, on the right voice

IN VIEW – In Passengers of the nightby the highly respected Mikhaël Hers, the actress finds a tailor-made role, that of a woman invested in her duty to emancipate herself and haunted by the desire to be a good mother.

“When I was shy.” The expression comes up regularly in the mouth of Charlotte Gainsbourg when we have the opportunity to have a conversation with her. Today’s is about Passengers of the night, the fourth feature film by Mikhaël Hers, of which she is the heroine. And if, at 50, the child of the ball still reveals the stigmata of a cheeky teenager – a jacket and jeans too big for her, a slightly shifty gaze and a fragile voice -, she turns out to be much more talkative than formerly when it comes to discussing his work and his collaborations. And even to indulge.

Sipping an American coffee in a transparent plastic mug with a straw, she first remembers aloud the reasons that led her to accept the project. “As in Amanda, his previous film, I liked the idea that Mikhaël Hers recounts a drama in a gentle way. Besides, I loved meeting this man who we don’t know if he is very shy or if, on the contrary, this enigmatic character…

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