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Charlotte Caubel: “Childhood must be the great cause of the five-year term”

Childhood, a great national cause? Whereas “120 infanticides are committed per year, that 20% of minors have been victims of online harassment and that one tenth of students are victims of it in the school setting”, it is even an emergency for the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister for Children, Charlotte Caubel. At 50, the former director of the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ) entered the Borne government, where, if confirmed during the reshuffle, she will carry the voice of the youngest.

“I will be a kind of Jiminy Cricket who will call on my colleagues to always think of children in their decisions”, smiles the magistrate, who can count for this on a good knowledge of the files and an interministerial position. However, it will take more, believes the one who wants to provoke ” the #Children’s MeToo”: “I hope that childhood will be a great cause for the five-year term, in order to raise awareness. »

The great cause of childhood has disappeared from the radar

During the previous five-year term, the cause of equality between women and men resulted in several pieces of legislation and the Grenelle against domestic violence. In the same way, it would be necessary to sit around the same table all the professionals of childhood in order to better detect the problems and to put the children at the shelter, continues Charlotte Caubel.

Will she be heard? Promised by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign, the great cause of childhood has since disappeared from the radar. Only gender equality has clearly obtained this label, and is already at the top of the agendas. “Yet the two are inseparable, further argues the Secretary of State. We cannot deal with domestic violence without asking the question of child witnesses or victims. »

However, the political context could play in its favour. Already, on June 29, the president of the socialist group Boris Vallaud and the deputy Isabelle Santiago asked the newly elected president of the Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, to create a “delegation for the rights of the child” in the Assembly and the Senate, in order to “strictly control the action of the government” in this domain.

The new Assembly coming out of the polls could indeed play the spur. Since June 19, 79 LFI deputies and 89 elected officials from the RN have made their entry into force. However, these two parties could contribute to putting the question of childhood back at the center of the debate, if we trust the programs of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen during the presidential election – both are favorable for example the fact that child welfare is no longer a responsibility of the departments and returns to the bosom of the State.

A desire to “emerge consensus”

If she therefore expects to be questioned on the benches of the Assembly, on a subject which arouses emotion as easily as indignation, Charlotte Caubel sees it as a chance to find herself in the role of arbiter. To do “emerge consensus » and push some concrete measures: “Write 119, the telephone number for child victims, in the pupils’ correspondence books; set up an emergency number so that anyone who has any doubts about a child’s situation and is reluctant to report it can find a real community of professionals who can listen to them, etc. »

The lawyer wishes, in fact, to imprint her mark. “I see myself as a facilitator”, she summarizes. A challenge in a complex sector, marked by the overlapping of roles and administrative layers. “In my duties at the PJJ, I have already met, for example, children whose file was followed by no less than eight different adultsshe says, which was a detrimental headache. »


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