Change of life: new inhabitants enchanted by Ariège

With less than 10,000 inhabitants, Foix (Ariège) is one of the smallest prefectures in France. However, that could change, especially thanks to its medieval castle. The city already attracted more than 90,000 visitors per year. But, in recent months, new inhabitants have also arrived. A 28-year-old young woman, Sophie Dando, thus left Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and found a large room here to set up her leather goods business. The premises in question cost the same as their Toulouse studio.

The Covid was the trigger, but it’s also something that has been working on me in recent years. When I was in Toulouse, I did everything at home so my activity was a little stifled. Here I have room. People can come to the store “, she says. For now, the concerned is staying with her family, but she plans to find accommodation soon. A new life starts.

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