Chamomile vegetables clear lungs, treat post-Covid

Dr. Ngo Quang Hai said that chrysanthemum vegetables are rich in vitamin A, which helps prevent infections of the respiratory system, clear the lungs, and effectively treat coughs and colds.

Dr. Ngo Quang Hai, former deputy director of the Center for Training and Directing, Central Hospital for Acupuncture, said that many people experience sequelae in the lungs, with respiratory symptoms such as dry cough, cough. sputum, shortness of breath, persistent shortness of breath lasting within three months after recovering from Covid. Oriental medicine has recorded a number of foods that are very effective in nourishing the lungs, treating coughs, especially in children, including chrysanthemum vegetables.

Chrysanthemum vegetables (also known as green vegetables) are a valuable dish and medicine. Chrysanthemum is sweet, slightly bitter, aromatic, slightly cool, healing, effective in treating long-term cough, sore throat, bronchitis, dispersing heat, curing eye pain…

In the chrysanthemum vegetable contains many nutrients such as 1.85% protid, 2.57% glucid, 0.43% lipid and many vitamins A, B, C… to help prevent and cure diseases caused by cold inside and outside the body. body, nervousness, heart palpitations, palpitations, insomnia, mind restlessness.

The outstanding effects of chrysanthemum must be mentioned to treat colds and coughs, especially for children. To treat colds and flu, you take 150g of fresh chamomile, wash, drain and put in a bowl, then cook with porridge, pour boiling porridge over bowl of chamomile, leave for 5-10 minutes and then mix the vegetables. Eat, need to eat 2-3 times a day, fast and effective cold effect.

Or you can use 500g chamomile, 100g lean pork, fresh ginger, washed meat, finely chopped, washed and chopped vegetables, cooked with pork, seasoned to taste, almost cooked for more A little crushed ginger, eat while still hot.

In addition, you can cook pork lung soup with chrysanthemum to treat persistent cough. Use 150g of fresh chrysanthemum, 200g of pig’s lung, chopped pig’s lung, marinated with ginger and spices, stir-fry, then bring water to boil. Next, you add the chrysanthemums, the vegetables are just cooked, turn off the stove immediately. People should eat while the soup is still hot, once a day, continuously for 3-4 days.

Particularly for children over one year old, take 6 g of chrysanthemum, chopped, add honey, distilled, drink several times a day, effective cough treatment. Or 6 g of chopped chrysanthemum leaves, put in a small cup, add a little white sugar, put in a steamed rice cooker to secrete water, divide into several times a day.

To treat diarrhea, use 200g of fresh chrysanthemum vegetables to cook soup daily, continuously for 3-5 days, to warm the spleen and stomach, effective in treating loose stools or continuous diarrhea.

Cabbage has many uses in treating cough and clearing the lungs. Photo: Serious Eats

According to Dr. Hai, chrysanthemum is rich in iron and calcium, which helps the body produce new blood and increase bone flexibility. Therefore, this vegetable is very good for the elderly to prevent anemia and osteoporosis.

In addition, vegetables also add vitamins necessary for hematopoiesis such as folic acid and trace elements, preventing anemia, should be added in the daily menu of children during the developmental period.

In addition, post-Covid-19 patients who often complain of joint pain, fatigue, fatigue, and do not want to exercise can also use this vegetable to improve symptoms.

Chamomile also has the effect of clearing the lungs because it is rich in vitamin A, so oriental medicine often includes this vegetable in the daily menu, helping to prevent infections of the respiratory system, clearing the lungs, and eliminating phlegm. The aroma of vegetables also helps to relieve cough and relieve asthma.

In addition to the above uses, chamomile also works to treat headaches. Take the whole cooked chrysanthemum, drink about 30 g of this cooked water every day, combined with the use of hot dried chrysanthemum leaves on the top of the head and temples in the evening before going to bed or whenever Do you have a headache?

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