César 2022: the coronation of Valérie Lemercier and Benoît Magimel

The queen of jokes and the polymorphic prince of French cinema were rewarded on Friday for their respective performance in Aline and In his lifetime.

For both of them, this is their first César won for a lead role. Familiar figures of French cinema for more than thirty years, Valérie Lemercier and Benoît Magimel were respectively rewarded, on Friday evening, with the statuette of best actress and best actor for their role in Aline and In his lifetime . A consecration for the two actors long relegated to memorable second knives rather than to composition roles.

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“This Caesar is like a big group message that you send me, at least that’s how I receive itwas moved Valérie Lemercier after receiving her prize from the hands of Omar Sy, on the stage of the Olympia. For the first time, I had the chance to be very well surrounded, like never before.. For more than 30 years, this jack-of-all-trades with hilarious mimicry and a high voice, has been playing, imitating, singing, writing, directing, directing or even drawing and dancing. She who has placed humor at the heart of her panoply of multi-card artist manages to trigger laughter even in the real fake biopic on Celine Dion, Aline’s alter ego. But never at the expense of the singing star, whom she adores.

Currently back on the boards in a new piece The Beloved Sistersthis tall, slender brunette a “Groucho Marx with Dim Pub Legs”as described Vanity Fair, was also a model, parading for Jean-Paul Gaultier. It all really starts for her with Lady Palace, the stilted nunuche of the young years of Canal+ who gives advice on good manners to Nadine de Rothschild. She confirms with Béatrice de Montmirail in Visitorswhose cult replicas – “But, Monsieur Ouille, not with your poncho!” – earned her, in 1994, her first César, received as best actress in a supporting role. Wide critical and commercial success, Royal Palace! In 2005, he already offered him material to pastiche an international icon, in this case Princess Diana.

From little Momo to big Caesar

“It is an immense happiness! I’m 47 like the 47and ceremony (of the Caesars, Editor’s note.). Maybe it’s a sign.”, rejoiced for his part Benoît Magimel. Precocious child of French cinema, the actor distinguished for his performance in the film by Emmanuelle Bercot In his lifetime took on the makings of a great actor at the cost of a dense and sometimes chaotic journey. Little Momo, 13 years old and all disheveled with Life is a long calm river (1988) no longer needs to inflate his chest as he thought he had to do then to impose: after almost 70 films, a César in a supporting role for Heads up (2016), a best actor award at Cannes for The pianist (2001), this new prize definitively consecrates him as a figure of the seventh art.

A summit on which propelled him In his lifetime, where the actor embodies a forty-something doomed by cancer who, after a phase of denial, bravely prepares for death. Behind the cadaverous make-up of his character, Benoît Magimel rings true in this melodrama. “It’s a film about a man who is doomed, but it’s above all a film about life”he declared while receiving his prize on the stage of the Olympia.

A child star, Benoît Magimel has always recognized the difficulty of having started so early. He stopped school for the cinema at 16 and took a few years to emerge, only to really set foot in the stirrup in 1995 with The Girl Alone by Benoît Jacquot and Hatred by Mathieu Kassovitz. The consecration will come in 2001, with The pianist by Michael Haneke where he plays a seductive musician in the perverse hands of Isabelle Huppert. A conscientious craftsman, the self-taught actor has played everything, kings, thugs, seducers, during a sometimes uneven filmography, Crimson rivers 2 at The possibility of an island, by Michel Houellebecq. With Valérie Lemercier, he can savor the road traveled.


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