Certain apps must be installed on Apple Watch

Apps that track sleep, weather, listen to podcasts, etc. are useful apps that you should install on your Apple Watch.


NapBot installed on Apple Watch will help track sleep stages, heart rate and analyze how background noise affects your sleep.

Certain apps must be installed on Apple Watch

All of this information can be synced with Apple’s Health app, through HealthKit to visualize your sleep data. The app is free, but some advanced features like sleep history and trends require a fee.


Although Apple has its own Podcast application, Overcast is still favored by two outstanding features: smart speed (Smart Speed) and voice enhancement (Voice Boost).

Instead of speeding up speech distortion, Smart Speed ‚Äč‚Äčautomatically removes unnecessary silences in plays to maintain an easier listening experience. Voice Boost helps to normalize the volume, so that even in noisy places you can hear the sound clearly.

CARROT Weather

Carrot is one of the most important apps to have on your Apple Watch. With AI support, giving witty announcements, this app provides the best and most enjoyable experience to check the weather.

Gentler Streak

This app will monitor your health to determine if you are fit to exercise today. It will notify you when your body is in the best state to exercise or take a break if your body is showing signs of illness.

Gentler Streak works with different heart zones, so you can see how the exercise is really working your body. Synchronized data can generate monthly and yearly summaries of all activities, giving you complete insights into your workouts.

Just Press Record

This is a recording application that supports more than 30 languages. All recordings will be transferred to iCloud, so it’s easy to sync across devices.

On Apple Watch, Just Press Record has unlimited recording time, the ability to listen to recordings through the built-in speakers or AirPods, volume control using the Digital Crown, support for VoiceOver.


Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app that works on all devices, but the version installed on the Apple Watch will show all the 2FA codes on the watch, handy in case you don’t have an iPhone nearby. It’s end-to-end encrypted, backs up and syncs all your data, plus lets you unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch.

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