CEO Gojek retreats behind the scenes after the hit IPO deal

On June 6, Indonesian technology giant PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia said that CEO Aluwi will step down from Gojek to join the board of trustees to support senior leaders.

This is the company’s first personnel change since its initial public offering in April reached $1.1 billion. GoTo was formed last year on the basis of a merger between two Indonesian internet giants, Gojek – a ride-hailing and food delivery application company, and Tokopedia – an e-commerce platform.

“After almost 10 years at the helm of Gojek, I feel it is time to move into a less permanent role,” said CEO Kevin Aluwi.

CEO Aluwi

Accordingly, the 35-year-old CEO will take on the position of a member of the board of GoTo Corporation and the electric vehicle joint venture Electrum. GoTo Group CEO Andre Soelistyo, 38, will assume the responsibilities of Aluwi if approved by shareholders at the GoTo Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held on June 28.

“As a member of the board of trustees, I remain strategically engaged in managing GoTo, but also have more time to explore personal interests in the tech space.”

Aluwi founded Gojek in Jakarta in 2010 with Nadiem Makarim with the idea of ​​coordinating delivery trucks in the city. In early 2015, the two launched a motorbike-hailing application on mobile. Soelistyo joined Gojek and served as company president in the same year. Currently, this company is providing more than 20 different consumer services.

Aluwi and Soelistyo became co-CEOs of the ride-hailing company in 2019, after Makarim stepped down to take the position of Minister in the Indonesian government. Aluwi became Gojek’s sole head when the company merged with Tokopedia last year.

Before founding the ride-hailing company, Aluwi was also the head of business information for online shopping platform Zalora Indonesia.

Vinh Ngo (According to YahooFinance)


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