CellphoneS opens for sale with nearly 19,000 orders for iPhone 13 series

According to a representative of CellphoneS, on October 22, the system opened for sale and delivered the first phase to 19,000 customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 13 series.

Before the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees, CellphoneS did not organize a large-scale sale at midnight 0:00 DDay Midnight as every year, but applied the following standards. Health and safety standards during the epidemic season and opening at 6 am.

A CellphoneS representative said that the system recorded nearly 19,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series this year. The most advanced device iPhone 13 Pro Max is also the device with the highest percentage with more than 60% of total orders, followed by iPhone 13 Pro with nearly 18%, the rest are 13 and 13 Mini.

In which, the most chosen color is Sierra Blue, accounting for 30%. With the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini versions, as expected, pink accounted for the highest percentage with more than 25%. Most customers choose the standard 128GB version, accounting for more than 60%. Especially after the information that 128GB was sold out soon, many customers chose higher capacity versions such as 256GB and 512GB.

“On the first day of sale, the system will coordinate the personnel to try their best to return more than 5,000 machines early to customers who make the first deposit. Customers who come to buy directly, can choose the capacity versions. as high as iPhone 13 & 13 Mini 256GB – 512GB, iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max 256GB – 512GB – 1TB with a discount of 1 million when paying via bank card and a subsidy of 1 million when it comes to life,” a CellphoneS representative shared. .

CellphoneS opens for sale with nearly 19,000 orders for iPhone 13 series

In addition, due to the nationwide shortage of goods, some versions will have a later return time, customers may have to wait a little longer or can change to the version available at stores. . In particular, the rate of 13 Pro Max 128GB is expected to be significantly higher than in October.

CellphoneS opens for sale with nearly 19,000 orders for iPhone 13 series

In fact, this year’s iPhone 13 Series still receives great attention from customers. The CellphoneS system maintains a form of support for the purchase of old devices at a good market cost and comes with its own subsidy, making it easier for users to save money when upgrading to the iPhone 12 series.

Currently, iPhone 13 Series experience goods are also available at 15 CellphoneS stores, customers can visit and test the product before deciding to choose the version and color.

CellphoneS opens for sale with nearly 19,000 orders for iPhone 13 series

“Users who choose to buy iPhone at CellphoneS not only feel secure about the product, but also have a competitive price, participate in old collection services to renew good prices, pay installments with 0% interest,” said a CellphoneS representative.

CellphoneS is currently a genuine authorized reseller of Apple Vietnam, providing genuine VN/A iPhone products with 12 months warranty at authorized warranty centers, free replacement for 30 days if there is an error. from the manufacturer. In particular, it is expected that in the last quarter of 2021, the CellphoneS system will join Apple Vietnam in a new store model project.

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