Celine Dion’s $ 2 million beauty salon

AmericaThe Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, spent $ 2 million to install a stage humidifier to help keep the voice and moisturize the skin of singer Celine Dion.

At the age of 53, Celine Dion is still young and beautiful thanks to the secret of skin care, facial lifting and the confident spirit built through years of standing on stage.

In the channel interview This Morning In 2019, Celine emphasizes three simple skincare steps including face wash, day and night moisturizer, and makeup brush cleaning. Female singers often sweat a lot when on stage, so she has to scrub regularly to avoid bacteria that damage the skin.

When performing, Celine uses an oil-based foundation, making the foundation thicker, not drifting when sweating or crying. Indispensable make-up items include foundation, concealer, powder, and powder.

Being a celebrity, Celine is not afraid to have a bare face. “I feel confident but the dancers and back-up singers are not really. Some of them advise me to put on a bit of lipstick,” Celine said.

In addition, she has a very creative technique to help lift her facial muscles. “I bun my hair or tie it up from the top of my head to pull my facial muscles up a little,” the singer revealed.

The owner of the immortal love songs also believes in the power of a humidifier. When Celine performed at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in 2002, the hotel spent $ 2 million to install a humidifier on the stage. This way not only keeps the female vocalist’s voice, but also hydrates her skin.

To stay in shape, Celine spends a lot of time practicing ballet. To her, ballet is like a romantic, dramatic and emotional dream.

“The subject is very difficult, but I like the challenge,” Celine said.

Sharing about her diet, Celine revealed that she often drinks coffee and croissants for breakfast. She thinks that the smooth digestive system is due to hard work.

“I belong to the aries, so I am very active. Thanks to my hands and feet, I lose a lot of calories,” said the female singer.

In addition, Celine believes that beauty is not only about appearance. When answering US Weekly in 2019, Celine said: “You may not be on stage or on television, but everyone has the same voice and values. Cherishing your own beauty helps you become stronger and from there be successful “.

Celine Dion attended the premiere of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” at El Capitan Theater, Los Angeles in 2017. Photo: AP.

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