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CDC considers corona virus outbreak from air for the first time, revised guidelines

US health officials have acknowledged for the first time that the corona virus can spread through the air. On May 7, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revised the guidelines to explain how the corona virus spreads. It clearly states in big, bold letters, "Airborne virus can enter the body despite being six feet away from the person infected through breath."

Corona virus can spread by air- CDC

CDC included in its website that the virus can be spread in three modes. The guidelines previously stated that the virus ‘can sometimes spread under special circumstances by airborne transmission’ but mostly from ‘close contact’ and not airborne transmission. & Nbsp; CDC’s acceptance of the change in its old stand it shows. The agency said that its recommendation, including social distancing and the use of masks, is the same to prevent the spread of the virus. The statement said, "Although our understanding of the spread of corona from the air has changed, but the ways of preventing infection with the virus have not changed. All of the CDC’s precautionary measures are effective for these transmission forces.

Revised Guidelines of US Agency issued

It has been accepted in the guidelines that one way of spreading the disease among people is to breathe in the environment polluted by viral particles. Further told that the corona can spread through the breath of an infected person because the breath secretes the viral particles in which the virus is present. These particles can get into the body of other people by touching the contaminated eyes, nose, mouth and hands of the breath.

Since the onset of the epidemic, the CDC and the World Health Organization were warned by infectious disease experts that there is strong evidence that the corona virus may also spread through the air. Linse Mar, an aeroscel specialist at Virginia Tech, said "The CDC has now released guidelines citing the latest scientific evidence and has got rid of the old thinking about transmission." Many scientists have welcomed the cancellation of the definition of close contact with the agency.

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