Catering: truck stops authorized to reopen

In Boves, in the Somme, Christophe and Yasmine are busy, Tuesday, November 10, since early morning. They will reopen their doors in the evening and are waiting for around forty truckers in their relay. The chef has concocted his specialty, a veal blanquette. “They will be happy to have eaten a hot meal and to have showered, the things of life“, comments Christophe Foulon from his kitchen. The dining room service will take place between 6 pm in the evening and 10 am.

Good news for the boss, who has lost 70% of his turnover since the spring. “It’s better to make 50% of the turnover than to remain automatically closed“, explains Morad Ouannoune to journalists from France Televisions. In total, 250 of the 700 French roadside restaurants have been selected to resume service in the evening. The unions have therefore won their case, they who denounced the deterioration of working conditions for professionals from the road, deprived of meals, showers and social ties.

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