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Cat entered in cockpit of passenger plane, commotion caused by hijack and had to make emergency landing, know the whole matter

So far, we have heard many reasons behind the emergency landing of an aircraft. For example, technical fault in the engine, accidentally opening the door of the passenger, but this time the pilot comes in the attack and the criminal cannot even defend himself. A passenger plane was forced to return to Khartoum Airport, the capital of Sudan.

The cat of the plane flying in the sky did ‘hijacking’

Actually, there was chaos in the plane when an aggressive cat attacked crew members in the cockpit. A few minutes after taking flight from Khartoum International Airport, the unexpected passenger reached the cockpit and started attacking the pilot. On Wednesday, the flight of Sudan Tarco’s flight to Doha, Qatar’s capital, was absolutely normal. No one had even guessed that emergency landing would have to be done midway due to the ‘hijack’ of an unexpected passenger. It was clear that the unsympathetic cat started attacking all crew members during the air journey. Attempts to control the cat on behalf of all members failed.

The pilot gave up hope and decided to land the aircraft safely in an emergency. According to Sudanese media, it is still unclear how the naughty cat entered the cockpit after confirming that all passengers landed safely and did not hurt anyone. So far it is being speculated that the cat may have entered the passenger plane when the crew members had opened the gate to clean the ship.

Pilot was forced to land emergency

This incident may seem shocking, but it is not the first attempt of ‘hijacking’. Local reports said that the aircraft was parked in a hangar at Khartoum Airport. It is possible that the cat may have reached the aircraft in some way from the hangar. At present, orders have been ordered to investigate the incident. Cabin crew members say that the cat immediately entered the cockpit and became aggressive. He hijacked the entire cockpit in a way. After which there was no option left but the emergency landing of the aircraft.

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