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Cash Flew Out of Armored Vehicle: Notes blown up by armored trucks, people leaving their cars to loot

Cash Flew Out of Armored Vehicle in California: Cash was suddenly blown up from an armored truck in California, USA, after which a crowd of people lifting it gathered. The incident happened on Friday morning around 9.30 am. The California Highway Patrol Department (CHP) was told that the incident occurred on Interstate 5 Highway in Carlsbad, where people came out of their cars to grab cash after an armored truck blew up, leaving the highway unattended. There was a traffic jam.

… the door opened, the cash came out
CHP officer Curtis Martin told local news outlet KNSD that one of the doors of the truck opened and cash came out. He told that the cash was scattered all over the road. However, the CHP says that people who raise this money can also be arrested. Along with this, the CHP has urged people to return this money.

two people arrested
At the same time, law enforcement officials said that two cash-lifters have been arrested in this case. “I know cash flying through the air is a tempting thing for a lot of people, but it’s not their money, so it needs to go back to the bank and the FDIC,” Martin said. He said that the faces of the people present at the spot and the license plates of the cars are being identified.

cash scattered on the road
There is also a video of this. Demi Bagby, a social media personality and athlete posted her video from the spot, in which cash is seen scattered on the ground and the highway is jammed, vehicles are parked, people are picking up cash.

investigation underway
According to KNSD, both the CHP and the San Diego branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating the matter.

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