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Cases of new variants doubled in a day in South Africa, spread to 25 countries of the world

Omicron variant: In South Africa, the number of people infected with the new variant of the coronavirus has doubled in a day. The cases increasing at this speed have brought stress not only to South Africa but also to 24 countries where patients of Omicron variants have come to the fore. On the other hand, South Africa has also accelerated the pace of vaccination so that more and more people can be vaccinated and saved from new variants.

On the other hand, experts studying Omicron believe that early signs of this strain suggest that Omicron may be more contagious than the previous variant, which had already created a stir in the financial markets. South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said Omicron’s profile and early epidemiological data suggest it is able to ward off some immunity, but the vaccine may still protect people from death.

Releasing the data on Wednesday evening, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said that this new strain of corona has caught 8,561 people in the last 24 hours, while 4,373 cases were found a day earlier. On the other hand, epidemiologist Dr. Salim Abdul Karim, looking at the speed of cases, said that if this virus continues to spread like this, then by Monday the number of cases of Omicron can reach 10.

72 percent of the patients came from Gauteng province

At the same time, 72 percent of the patients who have been victims of virus infection have come from Gauteng province. In view of the increasing number of infected, any ceremony in Gauteng province has been banned indefinitely. And the pressure on the government has increased to ban the gathering of people who have not been vaccinated. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday that the lowest level of lockdown in the country, that is, the first category, would continue. Analysts say that under this low-level lockdown, a large number of people are allowed to gather in the country and there is a need to reduce this number.

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