Carlo Vogele, director of Icarus: “I wanted to do everything, except Pixar”

MAINTENANCE – The director tells us how his desire to build a feature film around this initiatory story was born.

Carlo Vogele has been drawing since childhood. Born in Luxembourg, he grew up in France and turned his passion into a profession after studying at the Ecole des Gobelins in Paris. An animator at Pixar studios for a long time, he returned to Europe to sign his first feature film, the very beautiful Icarus.

LE FIGARO. – How did you come to Pixar Studios?

Carlo VOGELE. – I was really very lucky. To complete my training at Les Gobelins, I made a graduation film. Someone from Pixar Studios came to scout for talent. They really liked my film and offered me to come and work with them in California, as a junior animator. I did not hesitate.

The only thing we know about Icarus is the flight and the fall. His youth is not treated at all

Carlo Vogele

What was your role?

I was part of the animation team, about 120 people. We were only concerned with the performance of the character. That is to say that we receive the scene ready with the camera movements, the sets, the characters but nothing moves. It’s up to us to give life, to play with the characters…

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