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Caricatures: Keys for Parents and Teachers

Did you know that the word “caricature” comes from the Gallic carrus, char, word which in popular Latin gave the verb caricare, charge, exaggerate? The National Library of France sheds light on this etymology in a Quick History of Caricature published online this week with a series of documentary resources around this topical subject.

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These links, illustrated by numerous prints and press cartoons, are intended primarily for national education teachers invited by the ministry to provide ” an educational time in November around the values ​​of the Republic and the school After the assassination of Samuel Paty, beheaded for showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a course on freedom of expression. However, they will also be of interest to a wider audience, parents wishing to complete their information on this sensitive subject, history buffs, curious students …

In particular, the BnF offers a virtual tour of its exhibition dedicated in 2008 to Daumier, nicknamed the ” Caricature michelangelo », For the power and variety of lithographs published in the press. That of King Louis-Philippe in Gargantua even earned the artist a six-month prison sentence in 1832.

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The French nineteenth century, with the rise of newspapers with a large circulation, in fact saw a multiplication of the quarrels between publishers and the authorities, seeking to stifle critics, as recalled in a Histoire en drawings de la caricature et de la censure also published on the BnF site. The attachment of the French Republic to freedom of the press, finally enshrined in the law of July 29, 1881, can be explained by these decades of political struggles.

A film for children on the concept of blasphemy

Other valuable links on the subject can be found on the website of the Center for Media and Information Education (Clemi), starting with the series “Keys to the media”, short animated films, very didactic, accessible to children from 7 years old, on “Freedom of expression and its limits”, “What is the use of caricature” or “What does blasphemy mean”.

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Other educational resources are available on the following themes: How to learn to decipher a press cartoon? What is the history of the journal Charlie hebdo ? Useful for those who want to be well informed before speaking.


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