Careless motorcycle rider injury testicles

HanoiWhen operating a large displacement motorcycle, the 45-year-old man released the clutch, the car suddenly jerked, causing his genital area to slam into the car’s fuel tank.

After the incident, the genital area was swollen, painful, bruised, he went to Viet Duc Friendship Hospital for examination. The doctor diagnosed the patient with contusion of hematoma of the right testicle parenchyma, torn white capsule, indicated surgery.

Doctor Nguyen Duy Khanh (Center for Andrology, Vietnam-Germany Hospital), on January 27, said that during surgery, the team discovered that the testicle had to be torn off the 1x2cm white capsule, exposing the parenchyma. The patient was taken for a hematoma, and the testicle was preserved. After surgery, the patient was stable and continued to be monitored.

Patients treated at Viet Duc Hospital. Photo: Hospital provides

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang (Director of the Center for Andrology), said that this was a rare accident that resulted in testicular trauma. The hospital has received many cases of similar injuries due to daily-life accidents such as being kicked, squeezed in the genital area, motorbike and bicycle traffic accidents.

Damage to the testicles affects the “machine” that produces sperm, thereby reducing male fertility. At the Center for Andrology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, testicular preservation is a top priority in order to make the most of the parenchyma to preserve sexual and reproductive function for the patient in the future.

Le Nga