Cannes Film Festival: our reviews of Don Juan, Jerry Lee Lewis, trouble in mind

CRITICISM – Serge Bozon’s film disappoints while Ethan Cohen’s documentary is exciting.

A Don Juan which does not really appeal

Cannes Premiere. Will he say it? The Cannes press wants to know if the Don Juan by Serge Bozon can be described as “feminist”. The director of tip Top Chief’s nod. Would we dare to think with Molière that “fashionable vices pass for virtues”? In this musical reinterpretation, the hero (Tahar Rahim) lives in Paris today, plays in the theater and loves his wife (Virginie Efira) madly. He is even enslaved to her. The director revisits. Turn upside down. What remains of the metaphysical seducer? Not much. Don Juan, here, does not reason, does not think. He waits, damaged by insomnia, his inflexible Elvire. And he sings. Songs by composer Benjamin Esdraffo and lyricist Jacques Duvall.

They don’t really add to the story. At the piano, Alain Chamfort evokes his daughter who died of having loved too much. We find him comfortable and elegant as a Commander. Melancholy sequences take place in a hushed hotel by the sea, and at the Théâtre de Granville, behind which opens…

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