Cancel culture attacks “the kiss not consented to” and therefore “suffered” by Snow White

Are we going to witness the creation of the hashtag “Balance your prince”? Two Californian journalists, “shocked” by the attraction dedicated to the adaptation of the film to Disneyland, propose to rewrite the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm.

After the anachronistic rereading of the plays of the Greek playwright Aeschylus, after the unbolting of the statues of Churchill and Colbert, after the degradation of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, have we hit rock bottom? It’s the turn of Snow White, mythological tale of the Brothers Grimm revisited as a fairy tale in the twentieth century by Walt Disney, to be pilloried by the disciples of a cancel culture, mixed here with the most uncompromising neofeminism.

And as often, this evil wind from America, claims to be a zephyr, this west wind once deified by the Ancients. Tracking down the slightest trace of “This white patriarchal domination”, who would have subjected the world since the dawn of time, two journalists from SF Gate, the digital version of the important Californian newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, believed detected in the story of this unhappy princess victim of the murderous jealousy of an evil queen, “a major problem“. In the final scene, the saving gesture of love given to her by Prince Charming would be nothing more, according to them, than a vulgar “non-consented kissAnd therefore suffered by the heroine.

The consciousness of his two apostles of cancel culture suddenly awoke when they made the visit reserved on the eve of the reopening to “VIP”Of the Californian Disneyland Park, April 30, after 400 days of sanitary closure.

It is by seeing the attraction dedicated to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the adaptation of the original tale imagined by Walt Disney in 1937, which the blood of the two journalists of the SF Gate made only one turn. The evidence suddenly jumped out in their eyes, the princess asleep forever, – therefore unconscious -, by the poison of the horrible witch, had not been able to consent to the kiss administered (by force, therefore) by this prince who , decidedly, used many macho ways to achieve his unspeakable ends. It would be worth creating a hashtag “Balance your Prince”!

To try to eradicate this “Lack of consent” which they qualify as “Major problems”, the two militant journalists propose (order) to Disney, neither more nor less, to rewrite the scenario of Snow White to, of course, teach righteous thinking to children who could, once grown up, recklessly reproduce these deeds deemed infamous. “ It’s hard to see why Disneyland, in 2021, is choosing to add a scene to such backward ideas about what a man is allowed to do to a womanThey write.

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The prince will not come anymore …

The two young women have so far not had the idea or the daring to imagine a new ending or even a new scenario for Snow White. The murderous aims of the diabolical queen have not had the good fortune to stir their conscience. Perhaps we should suggest to our two exegetes a reconciliation between these two women and remove from history this prince not quite charming. This Snow White 2.0 would then have neither tail nor head, but would end well anyway. Like in a fairy tale …

Snow White: “One day my Prince will come…


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