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Canadian boy sets new Guinness world record, has the longest milk tooth at 9 years old

Many children all over the world believe that if we keep our broken milk teeth under the pillow then at night the angel will come and place a gift for us at the place of milk tooth. Although this is never true, but in Canada, a nine year old boy named Luke is being considered lucky simply because he has got a special gift.

In fact, he has achieved the Guinness World Record because of his milk teeth. His tooth is considered to be the longest milk tooth ever. Luke’s tooth is 2.6 cm in length. Luke has broken the Guinness World Record of 10-year-old Curtis Badie, who lives in Ohio. The length of the teeth of the cartis was 2.4 cm while the teeth of Luke were 2.6 cm long.

Dentist Pulled out a tooth

In 2019, a dentist named Dr. Chris MacArthur removed his tooth at just 8 years old. But he protected his teeth so that the Guinness World Records could be informed about it. At the same time, he got information about making his new record a few days ago.

The record Luke is happy to make

Luke’s father, Craig Boulton, told in an interview that it was difficult to think about the tooth at first, but his adult teeth started coming out of the milk teeth, which caused his milk tooth to be removed.

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